• • Give your customers a reason to choose you over a competitor
    • Increase significantly your dynamic so that you can accommodate simultaneously more customers. 
    If your profession has to do with dog’s daycare then for sure you have acknowledged that dog’s safety while he remains at your premises is not only one of the most important criteria for your customers to choose you but an overriding concern for you as well. 
    The co-existence of dogs of various sizes and breeds at the same place may result to dangerous situations and demands professional handling from your side. It takes only just a few seconds for a “quiet” puppy to create a chaos. 
    IQ BOX 
    • Especially designed to cover the demanding professional needs
    • Adapts to your needs and space 
    • It is the unique 100% secure solution when it comes to “dog’s temporary place to stay”
    • It minimizes the possibility of having accidents at your premises
    • Increases your dynamics 
    Give your customers a reason to trust you!
    Provide your business with a competitive advantage!
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